Professional cleaning services: Easy home solutions for your carpets

Eliminating carpet grime is not an arduous task if you know the art of resorting to professional cleaning services. Whatever method you choose to avail, it must render your carpet spot-free and prove feasible in terms of budget. A lot of reputed carpet cleaning companies with the most effective solutions up their sleeve are present almost everywhere, but the trick lies in accomplishing the same at home.

Just because maintaining your costly carpets and upholstery is a huge ordeal, you back out from cleaning it altogether. Think if such valuable materials accumulate dirt, will it be possible to keep it spic and span? It is not mandatory that you require a lot of knowledge about home cleaning your carpets, but just in case professional services are unavailable or may prove incapable in giving you that desired perfection, always stay safe by knowing few effective tips and tricks to prevent them meeting the

Before beginning the cleaning process, know what professionals or companies do. Begin by vacuuming and follow it down by deep cleaning with mild liquid cleaning products. You will be amazed at the outcome when you notice the shine. This process helps in removal of loose dirt that sticks on and accounts for carpets losing their initial sheen and lustre. However be cautious when a fresh stain is visible and wait till it has dried to bear the force of vacuuming. For eliminating the particles that stay confined deep inside the carpet, the manner of using the machine plays a big role. Roll the vacuum against the grain so that a friction is created throughout the material. Pay special attention to the vacuuming motion as that determines removal of surface and trapped dirt.

Most professional cleaning experts suggest a quick clean up method in the event of having a stubborn stain. They recommend shampooing it with direct application of white vinegar and lukewarm water. Simply combine water and vinegar in the ratio 1:1 and apply it to the carpet. Scrub off the dirt with the help of a clean sponge. You can rinse the extra water afterwards or better still leave out in the open to dry naturally.

When using a solution, always conduct a patch test on a corner of the carpet that is not visible to the naked eye. This is important as some cleaners containing high acidic composition can damage your prized possession by staining it completely or extracting the original colour and rendering it unfit for future use. For example, when ink or oil stains pose a problem, borax powder mixed with cornmeal or kosher salt and few drops of white vinegar is an effective home remedy. Spreading this dry composition will help the stain absorb it and be cleaned in no time. Use dry towels to blot when spilling occurs as it prevents seepage.  As for masking bad odours in carpets, baking soda is an affordable deodorizer. You can try combining it with a little essential oil or spices as cloves for that added fragrance.

Always look at the warranty period of your carpet and devise methods that fit. Refrain from choosing products that are advertised largely, for very few yield noticeable results. Read customer reviews and talk to your trusted family and friends for feedback. Based on these and more, let your carpets enjoy the perfect professional cleaning treatment at home.