Cleaning carpets

Carpets can be cleaned in winter with snow. Do this create the rugs on the snow and knocking them out with the carpet beater . Even with moist saline , it is possible to clean carpets and lighten . To refresh the color in faded carpets, a mixture of water and vinegar offers.

Nevertheless, it is possible even to produce an effective carpet cleaner – for example calcined soda, also known as sodium carbonate. Also, baking soda is it. With soda you can bake , you can apply internally against too much stomach acid – and it is an effective cleaning agent.

To produce a carpet cleaner on Sodabasis, you need an empty spray bottle, a spoon, a glass and a funnel, beyond baking soda from the pharmacy, as desired essential oils, vinegar and water.

A good carpet cleaner liter on Sodabasis obtained by first is a tablespoon baking soda in the spray bottle and then fill up with the aid of the funnel with a liter of hot water. Now is mixed in a glass half a tablespoon of vinegar with a tablespoon of favorite essential oil and gives the mixture to the funnel into the spray bottle.

The whole shake well , spray onto the soiled place of the carpet , let it dry and vacuum .

Stain removal and full cleaning

To clean or to have the entire carpet partake in a basic cleaning large areas of carpet , the production of a detergent to shampoo base is recommended. With a really high quality hair shampoo can replace carpet foam ideal. This is – possibly with the help of a wet carpet cleaner, you can borrow at drugstores – massaged into the carpet and just sucked after drying.

It is also possible, instead of the hair shampoo detergent or soap to use and instead of carpet cleaner a bucket of warm water. The humidity, however, should be dosed carefully, since excessive amounts can result in the carpet waves.