Cleaning and disinfection in the professional kitchen

Kitchen in the gastronomie working with food hygiene is absolute necessary. Especially if in kitchens prevail perfect living conditions for germs. Due to moisture, heat and organic materials ideal conditions for the spread of bacteria are given in kitchens.

The kitchen hygiene is divided into several areas: Personal hygiene, sanitation of storage and equipment rooms, hands hygiene, food handling and the cleaning of equipment and work surfaces . In this paper, we dedicate ourselves to the “Cleaning and Disinfection” in the kitchen. Be cleaned and disinfected in addition to the hands, all surfaces and equipment that are in direct contact with food. Even surfaces that are touched like, for example, Door handles or refrigerator handles and utensils for cleaning, eg Cloths or brushes.

Hand hygiene:

About inadequately cleaned hands pathogens can be transferred to food. Always wash your front of the kitchen hands thoroughly afterwards. Even between individual operations is a hand cleaning to recommend cross-contamination ( cross-contamination ) to exclude from food.

When should hands be washed?

-After each toilet visit
-brush after sneezing or nose
-After contact with waste
-Before preparing food
-Immediately after handling raw meat , poultry , egg and fish
-After cleaning vegetables

When should hands be disinfected?

-After working with critical raw materials such as Fish, eggs , poultry, meat , salads – even if gloves were worn
-After cleaning and dirty work – even if gloves were worn