Carpet cleaning with Kobosan

For sale is Kobosan in 2 different sizes . Once in 2.5 kg cardboard and on the other in a carton 5 kg . 5 kg are adequate for 120-150 sqm carpet. 2.5 kilograms cost 16 Euro and 5 kg 30 Euro . This admittedly is a lot, but would you in a carpet cleaning vomit, paid a lot more. Since there also worked with water, damaged the carpet and the impregnation is taken from him.

It gives your carpet back a protective film and so he becomes longer stay cleaner than if you would give it to the cleaners.

So now on to cleaning , now sprinkle the powder evenly on the carpet.

Now when you look in the filter bag then you see that the powder has become darker. You looks the carpet, then you realize that is much brighter and not only freed from the dust. The pile of the carpet has also been re-erected, particularly those run road and the color looks fresher.

The powder has not only taken the dust but added deeper dirt. Because by the incorporation of the powder with the Fresh kit the fabric of the carpet pile was erected and worked with deep-seated dirt. During the subsequent suction so the loosened and now absorbed by the powder is entrained dirt and the carpet looks a lot better than before. Also you can play on him a short time later.